Here we you will find answers to some frequently asked questions and some useful information about what need or can expect before you come in to book your next tattoo.

Does it hurt? Yes. The degree of pain varies for different parts of the body, & it is different for each individual. So what may hurt a lot for one person, may not hurt hurt so much for another.

How Much will it cost?  This one is straight forward, it will cost you the hourly rate based on how much time it takes, how much time it takes can only be  roughly guessed, factors such as size, detail and complexity all need to be taken into account, and also the area chosen on your body and different skin types  play a role in how long the art takes to be applied. Plus if you want a custom design drawn by us you will need to pay us for our time put in to designing your tattoo……sometimes the design process can take longer than actually doing the tattoo.

Buts its only a tiny it will only take 10 mins, how much will that cost? This one is also straight forward, whether it takes 5 min or 30 min we have a fixed min charge for these tattoos.Why? its seriously ONLY “this” big ? and no, no tattoo takes only 10 mins, for you perhaps yes, but certainly not for us, there are a lot of things that go behind the scenes that you don’t see both before and after your appointment, things such as preparing your design, setting up, and cleaning afterwards, all these things take time, and you want these things done right and in a clean safe and sterile environment don’t you? After all its a permanent body modification and we care about your health and ours, we expect you feel the same way too.

I would like to cover up an old tattoo I don’t like anymore, what can I do with it? You are very limited with what you can do when doing a cover-up, depending on what you want covered. You will need to discuss with your artist what can & can’t be done. Whatever it is, it will need to be larger than what you already have, somewhat darker, & preferably fully coloured. It is highly recommended that you get some laser treatment to lighten your old tattoo 1st, this will give you more options for a much better end result.

 I am not 18 yet. Can I get tattooed with my parents consent? No. You must be 18.

My friends want to come with me to my appointment. Is that ok?   It is ok to bring a (1) friend with you for support. We do not encourage you to bring multiple people with you to your appointment, because we need to be able to concentrate whilst doing your tattoo, and we find it distracting and annoying when too many people are lurking around us.

Is it ok if I bring my child/children? No. Please leave your children at home & or find a babysitter for them.